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Worldpro11 is one of the most promising platforms which allow people to pursue their dream to build their own team by using sports knowledge and skills. Worldpro11 allow users to earn real money by playing fantasy sports.

There are two ways to sign up on Worldpro11.

1. By registering on our website and filling all the details.

2. By using Facebook or Google+ Account directly

3. Using Mobile Number with OTP verification & Email with email verification.

Signup problem may occur due to multiple reasons. The primary reason for not being able to signup can be an incorrect email address or password. If you have forgotten the password, one can always reset the password by available link below. You can reset your password using the mobile phone and will get OTP for the verification. If you reset your password using email, then the verification link will be sent to your email address.

One can only manage a single account under their name and valid supporting documents.

One can easily update and edit their information by logging into their Worldpro11 account using their registered email address and password. Click on Edit profile and make required changes.Once registered on Worldpro11 user cannot update some of the information like:

● Profile Name

● Email Address

● Mobile Number

● Team Name

To play and avail the benefit of Worldpro11 service one must follow these steps.

1. Register/Login to Worldpro11

2. Select the Match

3. Create your Team within the defined virtual budget

4. Join free or cash contest of your choice.

5. Once the match begins your team will be awarded points based on the on-field performance.

Usually, score gets updated in every few minutes however, the final points, teams total, and rank is calculated, and updated after the completion of the match.

The users can easily join any of the contests arranged by Worldpro11 by just clicking on the Join button below the specific contest the user wishes to join.

In this case, Worldpro11 at its sole discretion shall deactivate the account of such users.

Worldpro11 is integrated with a secure payment gateway for transitions that use 3D secure authentication. 3D secure authentication ensures that it is safe to share your card details with Worldpro11. In addition, Worldpro11 doesn't store any of your card information, including your CVV number.

No, however, Your withdrawals on Worldpro11 involve the transfer of money from your Worldpro11 account to your bank/wallet account, and hence KYC becomes a mandatory requirement as a proof of identity.

Due to any reason if the match gets dismiss or canceled you will automatically get your money refunded in your Worldpro11 wallet.

If any running contest is not confirmed and has below 80% of participation, then it will be canceled.

You can withdraw money from your Worldpro11 wallet, only after the successful completion of the KYC verification process. The minimum withdrawn amount is RS 200. The withdrawal amount will be deposited to your bank accounts within a turn around time of 7-10 working days.

Frequent use of Worldpro11 while participating in various games will help you earn rewards points.